Cremation Services

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Cremation is a growing choice for many families. Our contemporary service offerings provide families with the time and assistance to personalize the funeral service and honor their love done in a memorable way.

Cremation as a personal family decision

Cremation as a personal family decision

The reasons for preferring cremation are varied. For some, it seems a more natural process than burial. Others have environmental concerns. Still others are not sure why they feel more comfortable with cremation but are interested in learning more.

While your own personal preferences are extremely important, you may also want to discuss your choices with other family members to make sure they are comfortable with your decisions. Some individuals will be hesitant to accept anything that is different from traditional burial. Others may be negative to the idea simply because they are misinformed. This page is meant to answer the most often asked questions and bring about meaningful discussion and decision-making.

What exactly is the cremation process?
Cremation is process during which human remains are reduced to their original elements by the application of intense heat. The body must be enclosed in some type of container when delivered to the crematory, typically a casket or cremation container. The choice of cremation containers may depend on your choice of funeral or memorial services, final disposition and memorialization. Unlike traditional funeral with burial, there is no standard procedure or expectation. Your decision should reflect your family's preferences, traditions and religious beliefs.
Following the cremation process, the cremation remains are placed in a second container for final disposition. For this purpose an urn is often provided.
Can a funeral home provide cremation services?
Not only can the funeral home offer all the services a cremation society offers, but more. A funeral home has facilities to conduct a private or public gathering and ceremonies such as funeral or memorial services. The role of the funeral director is to offer options, listen to the family's preferences, and then carry out those wishes.
Is it necessary to pre-plan cremation services?
Making your decisions in advance will help assure your wishes will be carried out following death. It is not necessary, but is is preferred by many.
How do the major religions today feel about cremation as a choice?
There was a time when some major religions disapproved of the cremation process. Today, most permit cremation. It is good idea to discuss your concerns with your clergy as individual congregations may differ from nationwide or worldwide church policies.
Is cremation less expensive than traditional burial?
It depends on the selections you make. Cost will vary according to the final disposition chosen, the services associated with these choices, and the cremation container and urn selected. Typically, there is little price difference between burial disposition and cremation with similar services.

Contemporary Service Offerings

Each of the options listed below includes the following:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Assistance in filing life insurance forms, if needed
  • Preparation and placement of obituary notice (newspaper charges will apply)
  • Sheltering of remains for up to 48 hours
  • Local transfer of deceased from place of death to funeral home
  • Memorial Package A (includes register book, 100 prayer cards and acknowledgement cards)
  • Continued Caring Package (includes laminated book marker, Beyond Goodbye, Guide Through Grief, Holiday Help guide and New Leaf magazine - 4 issues)
  • Crematory charge
  • New Jersey State permit and filing fees

Visitation and Funeral Ceremony
  • Embalming
  • Dressing, casketing and cosmetizing
  • Two hour visitation at our funeral home immediately prior to funeral service
  • Funeral service at funeral home or church
  • Local transportation by hearse to crematory
  • Wellington hardwood rental casket with crepe interior ( includes cremation insert -Matthews)
Memorial Service**
  • Sanitary care ( without embalming)
  • Physical ID of deceased by one to three people at time of arrangement
  • Memorial service at our funeral home
  • Local transportation by service vehicle to crematory
  • Minimum unfinished cardboard cremation container (Supplied by Philadelphia Crematories)